Church Catches on Fire

Earlier this evening, the congregation of the Huntington First Baptist Church held it's Christmas Eve candlelight service. By observing the ceremony, one would never have guessed that this was the scene at the church just three hours earlier. A fire... Damaging much of the church, but not their faith.

"We were highlighting the real meaning behind Christmas, and so we wanted our families to have a time to just be able to come together, and we felt like that was important enough regardless of what the circumstances surrounding today were at our church, we still needed to come together as families and celebrate Jesus as the light of the world," said Darryl Smith, the pastor at Huntington First Baptist Church.

And those too were the thoughts of many church members tonight as they took communion with their families.

"My wife brought up the best point heard all day... The building was burned, but the church wasn't on fire. We're the body of Christ, its members. So, we had a little damage to the building, but nothing that God's love and unity won't get us through," said Rob Hughes, a church member.

Pastor Smith told us tonight, just as he did earlier today, things could have been a lot worse.

"The things that were lost are things that can be replaced... And so obviously we just jump in and do the best we can and build the things that have been burned and we'll move on," said Smith.