A Christmas Miracle As A Little Girl Survives A Gunshot Wound To The Head

On the day before Thanksgiving, three year old Casey Hendrix accidentally shot herself in the head with a gun in her mother's car. Casey was taken to Memorial Hospital in Lufkin where she underwent several hours of surgery before she was taken to Children's Hospital in Dallas.

Doctors at the Dallas hospital prepared Casey's family for the worst. They did not know at the time what long-term effects the shooting would have on the girl. Much less if she would survive at all.

"They told me that she would never talk or walk or anything when she was in the hospital. I sat up there looking at a little tiny baby underneath a lot of covers. They said she may recognize me she may not," said Lynn Ryan, Casey's mom.

Casey is doing more than just recognizing her family. The little girl who doctors never expected to even walk or talk again, is now a walking miracle, but her mother can never forget what happened that day when her daughter could have been killed.

"When I went out to my car, she was standing in her car set and she had that little gun in her hand and she said Tangela's phone bit me. She has a cell phone that's little and black in a blue case and the gun was little and black in a blue case," said Lynn.

To see just how close Casey came to death, is shocking. Except for some struggles with her speech, Casey has almost completely healed from what could have been a deadly shot to the head. Casey also suffers from severe headaches which can lead to seizures, but headaches and seizures are minor in comparison to what Casey's doctors prepared the family for.

Lynn Ryan is a woman of faith, and she knows her countless hours of prayer were answered.

"I believe 100% that it was God and prayer. There is no other answer for it. You don't take a gunshot would to through the head and two weeks later be playing. So God had to have a hand in it," said Lynn.

Through her prayers, Lynn Ryan, Casey Hendrix and her four brothers and sisters, shared in the miracle of the Christmas spirit.

"That's all I asked for," said Lynn, "that I be home with all of them and that's what I'm getting. That's what I wanted."

Casey is currently undergoing therapy for both her verbal skills and physical rehab. Lynn Ryan says doctors have told her that Casey should eventually outgrow her seizures.