Nacogdoches Hit by Robberies

Investigators had their hands full on Saturday with five separate robberies at Nacogdoches convenience stores. They finally got a break when a sixth robbery took place Saturday evening. That's where one suspect was taken into custody.

That suspect was arrested around 6:45 Saturday evening at the Fina station on Woden road. Police say it was the sixth robbery of the day.

"Shortly before 6:00 this morning we began experiencing a series of strong arm robberies occurring at convenience stores here in Nacogdoches," said Greg Sowell, Nacogdoches Police Dept.

And at 7:27 the KP food store on 1516 East Main Street was also hit. Then at 8:46 a.m the Shell Station at 1000 East Main Street was also hit. Then at 10:49 this morning a robbery was reported at Larry's, the robber took more than $300.

"It makes me nervous, it gives me goose bumps all over cause you never know whose lurking in the dark or around the corner of the store. You don't know what is going to happen, it's real scary," said store employee, Ruby Helton.

Police already have some good clues about who these robbers are... Thanks to technology.

A surveillance camera is a tremendous help to police when it comes to catching a criminal.

"We have two suspects at this time who are separate suspects in some of these robberies," said Sowell.

Police feel that these robberies are related. One suspect is in custody. They are still looking for at least one other person. Tonight police identified the suspect in custody as Cameron Watts. And they believe he was involved in the other robberies. Police are still looking for two vehicles that may have been used in those robberies. One of them is a late 1980's model black Ford Ranger pickup. The other is a mid-70's Chevy Impala.

If you have any information about the suspects or these robberies... Please call Nacogdoches crimestoppers at 560-info.