Local Law Enforcement Warn Against DWI's New Years Eve

Many East Texans will be toasting the new year, and it's also a busy holiday for local law enforcement.

"New Year's holiday is a big holiday for DPS and all available troopers will be out on the road, enforcing the laws, being seen, and just hoping people will comply with the law. The DWI is a big concern and we will be out looking for those dangerous drivers," said Greg Sanches, Texas Department of Public Safety.

DPS Troopers won't be the only ones out. The city of Lufkin will also take special notice of those who dare to drink and drive. Over the years, the breathalyzer has become a useful tool in determining if a person is too impaired to drive, and people have tried some unique ways to try and throw-off the machine. Lt Greg Denman with the Lufkin Police Department recalls one incident in particular.

"When he came out, he had blue all over his lips and tongue. Seems that someone had told this guy that if he gargled with the blue bathroom commode cleaner stuff that it would thwart the machine... But all that did was get him a blue mouth," said Denman.

Officers say there is no way to "beat" the breathalyzer, so if you do plan to drink, have a designated driver, or spend the night at a friend's house. Lt. Denman says the first thing affected by alcohol is judgment, so use your judgement before you drink to decide you're better off if you don't get behind the wheel.