New Year's Resolutions for Your Kids

During the new year, many adults resolve to lose weight, but what about their kids? The federal government says one in three children are at risk for being overweight. Now, just in time for the new year, a new online program could help families address or avoid this problem.

America's children are in danger. One in three are overweight or likely to become overweight, putting them at risk for serious medical problems in later life. Now, there's a new program designed to help kids maintain a healthy weight. It includes simple tips, games and other activities.

"It's a program for everybody - for parents who want to be better role models, for kids that want to have fun and learn how to eat healthier," said child nutrition expert Jodie Shield.

The "Strive for Five" program, is a five-step plan that puts strong emphasis on whole grains. 99% of registered dietitians surveyed said these foods could help children avoid gaining too much weight.

"Whole grains are very rich in nutrients, and they're very high in fiber, but relatively low in calories, so at a very low cost in calories, they impart a lasting sense of fullness and satisfaction, and that's a great contribution to long-term weight control," explained Dr. David Katz.

The American Dietetic Association recommends three servings of whole grains like popcorn, brown rice, oatmeal or whole wheat bread each day, but a recent study published in the journal of the ADA found most kids consume one serving or less. The program also promotes a good start to the day with a family game called breakfast bingo.

"Children really need to eat breakfast, because studies are showing it can help them maintain a healthy weight. For example, a breakfast that's a whole grain breakfast has fiber in it that can help them feel full, curb their appetite and prevent them from overeating throughout the day." added Shield.

Dietitians surveyed said moms and dads play a primary role in preventing childhood obesity, so the program has a special section just for them. For only a few minutes each day, your kids can look forward to improved nutrition and health in the new year.

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