Soldier Returns Home After Serving In Iraq

Army Specialist Willis Blackshire of Huntington arrived home Sunday after spending nine months in Baghdad. For the past couple of days, Blackshire has been busy catching up with family and friends. What a difference a week makes.

On Christmas Eve, he was performing raids, going through people's houses checking for weapons. Willis has to report back to Baghdad on January 13th. So, it doesn't give him much time to spend with his parents, who say they are very proud of their son, but they also worry.

"You have nightmares about where he's at and what he's doing... that's my baby, I'm scared... scared to death. You don't know what's going to happen." said Blackshire's father, Wills Sr.

When you're fighting in a foreign country, thousands of miles from home, sometimes it's the simplest things that you miss the most, like pizza. So, for this soldier from Huntington, it's lots of pizza, friends, and family for the next couple of weeks. Then reality will set in once again, and Willis Blackshire will continue his fight for the American cause in Iraq.