Security Around the World Tightens with the New Year

The nation's New Years celebrations seemed to go off without a hitch, and in many places, like New York's Time Square. You could almost hear officials sigh in relief.

"They came out last night, maybe in record numbers, virtually no incidents," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York City.

Security was tight not only in the Big Apple, but on the other end of the country in Pasadena, for the Rose Parade, and at the College Bowl Games. But there were also indications that while American's partied and played, law enforcement officials were not taking the day off.

British Airways canceled one of its three daily flights from London to Washington. Another British Airways flight was detained on the Tarmac at Dulles International Airport outside Washington D.C., for a number of hours while officials interviewed passengers and crew members, scrutinized their passports and rescreened their luggage. This is not the only time such delays have taken place.

Similar measures have been used on at least 5 other international flights this week. Flights coming in from Mexico have also received extra scrutiny. One aeromexico plane on its way to Los Angeles was turned around in midair because of security concerns. Other flights were cancelled due to fears about terrorism. A number of aircraft this week have found themselves escorted to their final destinations by F-16 fighter jets.

Security on the ground is also stricter. With the New Year comes the new regulation that baggage at all of the nation's airports must be screened by machines that can detect explosives.