B.A. Pilots Oppose Use Of Armed Sky Marshals On Flights To U.S.

There's been another delay of a flight from London to Washington because of security fears. The British Airways flight from London to Washington was delayed for a third-straight day because of security checks requested by the U.S.

This, even as the airline and its pilots talk about the pilots' objections to putting armed sky marshals on flights to the U.S.

The British Association of Air Line Pilots says it's dangerous to put armed officers on planes. The association says it may accept sky marshals and cockpit restrictions under protest. But, the pilots want assurances from airlines in case of shoot-outs.

A British tour operator says it will cancel flights if marshals are on board. Thomas Cook Airlines, which sends planes to Florida and through U.S. airspace, says it wants captains to "remain in full control" all the time.

A spokesman says British Airways would "be comfortable" with marshals under some conditions.

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