Sharon Says Israel Would Pull Out Of Some Settlements As Part Of Peace Deal

Israel's prime minister is angering hard-liners in his own party, by saying Israel would pull out of some Jewish settlements in a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

Ariel Sharon spoke at a party convention, where he was greeted with booing and catcalls.

Sharon said Israel would agree to the formation of a Palestinian state in negotiations that would be spelled-out by the peace plan put forward by the U.S.

But he said again that if there's no progress toward peace in the next few months, he'd order Israel to disengage from the Palestinians. It's a move that would include relocating some Jewish settlements for security reasons.

Many members of Sharon's party oppose removing any of the 150 Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

But Sharon told his critics that he has the responsibility to listen to all of the opposing views, and then make decisions.

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