Airport Security Occurs at Smaller Facilities Too

New security screening procedures took effect Monday at airports across the country that handle international flights.

The new screening isn't seen at smaller regional airports like those in Lufkin and Nacogdoches, but other new security measures are being enacted there, as well.

For instance, at the A.L. Mangham Regional Airport in Nacogdoches, security fencing has been installed to deter unauthorized visitors and vandals.

And new cameras allow authorities to keep watch over airport activity even when they're off the premises.

"We put in security cameras out at the airport. We have the ability to access those remotely so we've put in some measures already and then whenever we go into the Orange Alert level then we enhance those security efforts even more," explained Deputy City Manager Victoria LaFollet.

LaFollet has daily communication with emergency preparedness authorities on the state level. In fact, just this week she's attending a state conference on the subject.