Mega Millions Winner Comes Forward, Other Woman Now Out of Sight

Now that an Ohio woman has come forward with the winning ticket for one of last week's big lottery drawings, another woman who initially claimed to have bought and then lost the ticket is keeping quiet.

Police say they haven't been able to reach the woman, Elecia Battle, or her attorney.

Battle wasn't home today. And her husband, Jimmy, wouldn't comment before getting into a car and driving away. He said his attorney told him to keep quiet. And he added, "I don't want to incriminate myself."

His wife had told police she lost the winning Mega Millions ticket after buying it at a convenience store last week. And her lawyer had said that if someone else came forward with the winning ticket, Battle would make a claim for it.

The woman who's now recognized as the owner of that ticket, Rebecca Jemison, says she was angry to hear that someone else had claimed to be the owner. She said she'd let the authorities deal with it. And Ohio Lottery officials also say it's a police matter.

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