Restaurant Report: Angelina County

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Taco Casa, 1577 S First St: 21 demerits for some food items were not stored at proper temperature, back door needs a tight seal. Inspectors saw an employee drinking in a designated dining area, and toxic items were found near other food items.

Nary Donuts, 102 N Raguet: 13 demerits for the propane cooker needs to be removed and the floor under equipment needs to be cleaned. Also, the back door must be insect and rodent proofed, and bulk containers must be food grade.

Subway, 122 S. Timberland Dr: 12 demerits for improper temperature and storage shelves and all equipment need cleaning. Ceiling Tiles in the kitchen and prep area must be non-absorbent, smooth and easily cleanable. The light shield in the walk-in freezer needs to be secured and trash can in the Ladies' room needs a lid.

Sonic, 417 N. Timberland: 10 demerits for back storage area and storage room in restroom need to be cleaned, floor under equipment needed to be cleaned, repair leak at the ice machine and light shields are needed above ice machine.

Pizza Hut, 4105 S. Medford Dr: 0 demerits.

Central Donuts, US Hwy 69: 0 demerits.