East Texans Need to Make Sure Their Vehicles Are Ready for Freezing Temperatures

The mercury is expected to dip down to the lowest temperatures we've seen so far this winter. And when it does, it's important to make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the extreme cold.

Freezing temperatures don't happen every day during the winter here in East Texas. But when they do, it's important that your vehicle is prepared. Norman Hellwig, who operates East Texas Transmission, says to make sure you check your anti-freeze by using a tester available at you local auto parts store. Also, there are some smaller things that you need to make sure you check.

"You got your windshield washer fluid, don't just put straight water, they make a washer solvent that you can put in there," said Hellwig.

Freezing temperatures also affect your tire pressure, so it's important to check your air pressure when the tires are cold to get an accurate reading.

Norman also gave us this small piece of advice on starting your car on freezing cold mornings.

"On real cold mornings, it wouldn't hurt to crank it up and let it run, you know, three or four minutes before you just take off in it. It gives everything a chance to kind of warm up a little bit. It's better for the vehicle," said Hellwig.

By following this simple advice, you can make sure you and your vehicle remain on friendly terms during the cold winter days ahead.