Area Teachers Attend Seminar To Better Understand Poverty

Angelina county teachers gained some insight Tuesday on how to better understand - and be able to help - students who live below the poverty level.

The Chamber of Commerce and local school districts hosted an event at the First United Methodist Church in Lufkin. The speaker was O. Rae Adkins, an associate of Dr. Rubye Payne. Dr. Payne is a published author and researcher who has studied poverty and its effects on children's education. Janet Taylor with the Angelina Chamber of Commerce says the seminar was designed to give teachers a better understanding of how to communicate with students who live in poverty.

"What language they've been brought up with, what experiences they have had, which are totally different than most of the teachers. So sometimes what we consider disrespectful, is not disrespectful to them, because that's the only language that they know to how to communicate with. So it's about getting around the language barrier and the experience barrier," said Taylor.

Experts say education is the most important thing kids can receive to help better themselves and eventually get out of poverty.