Lufkin City Manager Announces Retirement

by Alex Carias

After 13 years of public service as Lufkin City Manager, C.G. Maclin has announced he is retiring. Maclin has been in city government for more than 30 years and says he now has the desire to pursue a career in ministry.

In 1991, C.G. Maclin was hired by the City of Lufkin as city manager on a one year contract. 13 years later, he is leaving that position. Maclin will fulfill what he calls a lifetime goal at his new job at Marketplace Chaplains, USA in Dallas, Texas. It is an organization that provides counseling.

"I wanted to not retire and not become a full-time fisherman, but to retire and do some other type of service, in this case something that I feel like has eternal value," added Maclin.

Maclin says one of his biggest achievements as city manager, was the city's national recognition of its technological advances. But in his 13 years, Maclin says its the community that has made the difference.

"Lufkin is a great community, it has a can-do spirit. We're really blessed with foundations that pour a lot of money back into the community, charitable and non-profit projects but I think that Lufkin has a unique quality of life there's a real high emphasis on spiritual values that makes it really unique," explained Maclin.

But even with Maclin's retirement, the city has several important issues to handle. Including a sales tax for economic development which will go to election in February. And city council members say they will address those issues with and without Maclin.

"We actually have a number of projects that he was an integral part of and we'll want to see that we're properly followed through on and we just had a close tie with him and he's done such a good job for our community," said Mayor Pro Tem, Jack Gordon.

C.G. Maclin will have to present his retirement to the Lufkin city council. They will vote on whether or not to accept it on January 20th. In the mean time, the council and Mayor Louis Brounaugh will begin the search for a replacement.

"Probably 3 months or even six months searching is the time element that we would expect. We'll use the city manager as much as we can before he leaves us on March 31," explained Lufkin Mayor Louis Bronaugh.

If a city manager is not hired by April, Bronaugh says a interim manager will be appointed. After a decade of Lufkin City Manager, C.G. Maclin's retirement will become official on March 31.