Center boy describes getting hit by alleged drunk driver

The driver's side tire of Greer's pickup appeared to have been shot out.
The driver's side tire of Greer's pickup appeared to have been shot out.

By Jena Johnson - email

CENTER, Texas (KTRE) - Center Police are investigating a case where an alleged intoxicated driver apparently hit two children, then left the scene.

According to Det. Joey Haley, Billy Greer, 63, of Center, was driving a Chevy pickup on FM 699 when he hit an 11-year-old, who was carrying his one-year-old sister. The children suffered minor injuries.


Scene from Center

In an interview Monday morning, Haley said Greer claimed he was robbed at Union Acres apartments. He said the robbers stole cash before Greer got in his pickup and hit the children.

Haley said it is possible the robbery took place during a drug deal and Greer may have been impaired by drugs and/or alcohol.

"It looks like he hit his brakes and didn't hit them that hard," Haley said. "The brother was hurt worse than his sister, but it's pretty much just road rash."

Haley said the preliminary investigation shows a group rushed the pickup and someone may have punched Greer before he managed to drive away.

Another man followed Greer and tried to shoot out his tires with a shotgun. Greer drove to the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, located at 100 Hurst St., and ran inside for help.

Haley said Greer was taken to a Center hospital to be treated for his injuries. It is not clear if he suffered the injury on FM 699 or at the sheriff's office.

Haley said Greer was arrested Sunday night, on charges of DWI, which is a felony because it is his third offense, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Haley said he does not plan to charge the shooter with a crime, but will likely take the case to a grand jury.

Eleven-year-old Dietrick McKinney says he held on to his one-year-old sister when Greer hit them when they were trying to walk home.

"They told me I saved my sister's life and that she could have died if I wasn't holding her like I was," he said. "I had turned around and started to try and run with my baby sister in my hand and when I turned around I couldn't run fast enough. The truck hit my back."

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