Blood Centers Meeting the Need

Holidays and illness are contributing factors to a blood shortage for hospitals being served by Stewart Blood Center. In Tyler, some elective surgeries were postponed. Fortunately, in Nacogdoches and Lufkin the blood supply is meeting the need.

The Blood Center East Texas has contracts with Nacogdoches hospitals and memorial hospital in Lufkin. And it serves as the emergency provider for Woodland Heights which is normally supplied by Stewart.

The blood center is pleased that donors have been extremely generous during normally difficult times, but reminds everyone supplies can change by just one incident.

Donor Recruitment Manager Linda Warner said, "It only takes one or two situations. You can be feeling really good about your blood supply one day and the next day it can be totally different story. I'm not nervous about our blood supply right now, but we still want to remind people they need to be faithful."

The Blood Center East Texas asks that donors donate blood once a quarter and commit for life.