Driver OK after log truck rolls over on 103 West

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A driver avoided injuries after his log truck rolled off the road just before noon on Tuesday.

It happened on Ben Dunn Road, just off Hwy 103 W.

The driver of the truck, James Liljequist, 45, of Chester, did not suffer injuries.

Central Fire Rescue and Hudson VFD were on the scene to help with the cleanup.

According to Trooper Travis Richnow, the truck seemed to sustain minor damage, but at this time no amount of the damage could be confirmed. He said due to log trucks being top heavy, truck rollovers of this nature are common.

The truck was on the way to deliver lumber to a staging mill, where it's kept until the mill is ready, Richnow said. Another truck came on the scene to deliver the spilled lumber.

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