Houston Couple Lose Identity In Lufkin

Joel and Francis McCaulley have spent the past few days touring East Texas. But it has been anything but a vacation for the houston couple.

"Our bank called me on the 30th of December and asked if we lived in Lufkin or if we had moved to Lufkin," said Joel McCaulley. "Of course, we said no and that we were concerned... they said they thought there was some fraud going on."

19 checks totalling more than 15-thousand dollars had been written with Francis' correct driver's license number and checking account number. But the address belonged to Lee Miller of Lufkin, who says he knew something was wrong when he began receiving letters from businesses for bounced checks. But it wasn't until tonight that the three were able to put the pieces together.

"Well I think it was good for them to be able to put some of the pieces of the puzzle together and it's been good for the area businesses that were hit to be able to help," said Miller.

The McCaulley's are not waiting for police to find the thieves. Tonight was their second visit to Lufkin; talking to store managers and gathering information about the thieves. They say it's a situation they can't simply sit back and watch.

"You have the worry that one of the retailers won't get the message and could end up filing charges on her even though she wasn't one of the one's involved," said Joel McCaulley.

And hopefully the McCaulley's work will make sure the right person is put in jail.