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Woman performs CPR to save child after fair accident


When 4-year-old Sheldon Lewis got pinned underneath one of the rides at the State Fair of Louisiana, several people jumped into action to try and save him

"The kids were coming off the ride and a little boy hit the go button, and when he hit the go button the ride started moving.  The ride was moving fast, faster than normal. You could see the people running to try to get the kids off, but this one got caught under the ride," said Tina Stanford.

Stanford, a certified nursing assistant, says because of her training she knew exactly what to do. She ran to the child, stayed calm, and started CPR.

"It was hard because you didn't have his body. You just had his head, so it really wasn't able to push into his chest and breath into his airway because the train was on top of his body," said Stanford.

Lewis came to the fair with the Red River Head Start program. While Stanford performed CPR, volunteer chaperones from the head start program tried to take care of the rest of the children.

"I think they're ok. They kind of moved them away from the area, and took them to what I would call a safety zone," said Lawana Spee.

Stanford says she feels the fair could have had more people around to watch the kids on the ride, but she doesn't blame anyone for what happened.

"It wasn't anybody's fault. It was like the guy who actually was running the ride. He did everything he could do Just a child being curious and just hit the go button," she said.

Lewis is in critical condition at LSU Health Shreveport.

KSLA News 12 has received reports the Chris Giordano, the General Manager at the State Fair, visited the child's family at the hospital.

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