BREAKING NEWS - Mother Confesses to Killing 4 year-old Son

Polk County Sheriff's officials in the Ace community in south Polk County have found the body of a 4 year-old boy whose mother has confessed to killing him.

Child Protective Services began investigating reports that the child was missing on Wednesday.  Polk County Sheriff's officials took the child's mother, 26 year-old Tabitha Boone, in for questioning yesterday.  She confessed to strangling her son to death during a family disturbance back in September at around 2:00 AM this morning.  Two hours later, Boone led officials to where the child was buried in the family's back yard, just 50 yards from their home.

Searchers were combing the property this morning for the exact location of the grave and around noon, they found the small 18X33 inch grave where the body of 4 year-old Anthony Boone was found in a fetal position.  Tabitha Boone had sprinkled lyme on the boy's body in an attempt to hide any odor.

Anthony Boone's body will be taken to Beaumont for a complete autopsy.  Tabitha Boone is being charged with capital murder.  Her two other children, an infant and a 6 year-old girl, are in the custody of Child Protective Services.  Anthony Boone's father lives in the Alvin area near Houston and authorities believe neither he, nor Tabitha Boone's live-in boyfriend had prior knowledge of the incident.