Support Ministry For Women In Need

A unique friendship between two women in need has led to a mentoring program that may help hundreds of others.

Amelia Johnson and Robell Wesley are from different generations, yet they have so much in common.

"I was divorced like her. I was in an abusive relationship like her. And I was raising 4 children, well 3 before I found the man of my dreams," said Johnson, a poised senior citizen who teaches Sunday school.

Understandably, Johnson could relate and comfort her young friend, Robell Wesley.

"Just her being there. Just me being able to pick up the phone and call her anytime day or night and she would listen to me and encourage me and go to the word in scripture," recalled Wesley.

Wesley built a better future for herself and family through faith and friendship that also helped Johnson through a passage of grief. Her oldest son was killed by a drunk driver, her father passed away, and her beloved husband died with cancer... all within a 13-month period.

"I don't think there's a woman on this planet that's gone through what I've been through. I've run the gamut," said Johnson with a grin.

Yet, the women do know there are others in need. They co-founded "SLAMS", an acronym for Single Ladies and Mothers For Christ. The goal is to build self esteem and self confidence.

Wesley wants to, "reach out to those people that don't even know a person that they can call on and help them when they feel like they're isolated."

Johnson wants to help women to get off welfare and government programs.

"A hand up, but not a hand out. And go on and reach their fullest potential and letting them know we made it... They can make it, too," said Johnson.

On January 17th, the "Single Ladies and Mothers For Christ Ministries" will host a continental breakfast and lunch at Nacogdoches Bible Fellowship Church. The event will feature a number of break-out sessions and an inspirational speaker. It starts at 8 a-m, and goes until 3 p-m. You can contact the church at 569-7707 for more information.