Parents Shocked By Daycare Video

The video starts out with just low chatter...almost inaudible. But the more you listen, the clearer the language becomes. It's treatment mother Samantha Lane says was verbally abusive.

"She had crawled underneath a sink and knocked over a broom," said Lane. "The woman picked her up and said you're gonna get it you little f****** b****. I don't care if the camera is on."

Lane says she requested the opportunity to tape her child's room at Pinecrest Children's Academy after her child came home with a bruise on her head. What she found was shocking both to her and to other parents.

"I talked to one," said Lane. "He came and saw the tape the next day. Once he saw it they took their daughter out of there and told some other people and they took their kids from there too."

The academy's owner says that no charges were filed against the employee, nor against the academy itself. Even so, she has fired the employee, Christie Lewis, due to the allegations, and she says the daycare is taking other steps to prevent any further problems. Lane has since moved her daughter to another day care facility. And she hopes that other parents will keep a close watch on their children, so they don't have to go through the same ordeal.