East Texas Reacts To O'Neill's Comments

They are statements that have many Americans talking and the White House keeping quiet. In a book about his time in the Presidential cabinet, former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill says Iraq was a top priority from bush's first days in office.

"From the start, we were building the case against Hussein and looking at how we could take him out and change Iraq into a new country," he says.

But East Texans have mixed reviews about the statements.

"I think that those that really look at 9-11 and study it will see that that's not the case and they should be able to make an informed decision," said Lela Jones.

"I feel that it probably was... I feel like they were already going to invade," said Mizzell Liggins.

O'Neill also struck a nerve by questioning in a recent interview the evidence of weapons of mass destruction.

Time magazine quotes O'Neill as saying "In the 23 months I was there, I never saw anything that I would characterize as evidence of weapons of mass destruction."

But the people we spoke with tonight say despite the statements, Bush hasn't lost his credibility.