Parents of Corrigan girl want pedestrian accident investigated fully

Latesha Price spent most of Friday night in the emergency room. She says her 12 year old daughter, Erica, was hit by a car driven by a Corrigan High School student following the football game.

"She's bruised up and the doctors say she has a strained muscle," said Price. The child was home recovering. The mother said she and her daughter, along with the child's father, Brodgrick Price, spent most of Saturday at the Corrigan Police Department. "My daughter is giving them a statement," said Latesha by phone from the department's lobby. "I want something done."

Price is alleging a hit and run at the corner of Third and Matthews Street in Corrigan. According to Price, witnesses say the girl driving the car left the scene. The child was taken by ambulance for treatment.

Other accounts from people who claim to be eyewitnesses say the driver did not leave the scene. James Romero said he pulled to the side of the road to watch the accident unfold. " I never saw the driver leave. I did see someone bash in a window of her car," said Romero. "I called the police twice. The constable who was working the game was the first on the scene," said Romero.

Romero said while leaving the game he had to come to a stop when a student rode his bike in front of his truck. "I warned the kids not to ride bikes and walk int he middle of the road," said Romero. The father of two high school students said he also took a hammer away from a junior high student. "I'm concerned for the safety of the kids. They really do need to do something about the congestion," said Romero.

Corporal Marek told the East Texas News on Friday that several witness statements have been taken. The department isn't releasing any more information until Monday.

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