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Proud of East Texas: Kilgore Pipe Organ

By Joan Hallmark

The East Texas Pipe Organ Festival, scheduled for November 14-17 will honor the life and work of Roy Perry.

Perry was a self taught organist who began his career paying in silent movie theaters. Kilgore's Crim family brought him to Kilgore to be the organist at the First Presbyterian Church of Kilgore, and it is here that Perry made pipe organ history.

Although the Aolian Skinner Organ Company of Boston made the church's new organ and the Williams family of New Orleans installed it, it was Perry who oversaw the project and fine tuned the results.

The full orchestra range, along with the first organ trumpets in the country, made the "Aolian Skinner Opus 1173 Organ famous. Roy Skinner died over three decades ago and yet his legacy lives on in the beautiful music of this wonderful organ. For more information call Lorenz Maycher at 903-987-0317


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