CAUGHT ON TAPE: Funnel cloud swirls near downtown Center

Courtesy: KTRE viewer Peyton Porterfield
Courtesy: KTRE viewer Peyton Porterfield

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - KTRE viewer Peyton Porterfield was in the downtown Center square Tuesday afternoon when he recorded a forming tornado on tape. KTRE Chief Meteorologist Brad Hlozek says the video shows a funnel cloud on the western horizon as it passed just to the northwest of Center.

This supercell thunderstorm eventually produced a brief tornado when it crossed the state line and headed towards Logansport, Louisiana.

Meanwhile, National Weather Service meteorologists out of Shreveport surveyed the damage from Tuesday's severe thunderstorms today and concluded that two tornadoes touched down in Deep East Texas.

The first twister touched down at 2:02pm, five miles southwest of Mount Enterprise in northern Nacogdoches county.  It moved northeast and caused tree damage along FM 950 and FM 3272 before lifting just west of Highway 259.  According to the National Weather Service, the tornado lifted just west of Highway 259 before touching down a second time along FM 3198 near FM 3191.  As the tornado continued its second track, it ended up causing widespread tree damage near Highway 84 and FM 3191 before lifting at around 2:26pm.

This first tornado was rated an EF1, with estimated wind speeds of 90 mph.  It had a maximum width of 150 yards and had a path length of 12 miles.

About an hour later, another tornado touched down in the same general vicinity as the first one.  This time, it occurred at 3:34pm, three miles west of Mount Enterprise, just north of Highway 84.  This tornado uprooted trees along its journey, before dissipating at 3:43pm just west of the intersection of FM 95 and Highway 315.

Unlike the first twister, this second one was weaker and rated an EF0, with estimated winds of 80 mph.  It had a maximum width of 70 yards and a path length of 6 miles.

The best news to report out of these two tornado touchdowns on Tuesday was that there were no injuries or fatalities, as they stayed over mainly rural areas.

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