Bacterial Meningitis May Be Blamed for Central Student's Death

A student in Angelina County has died, and health officials say it appears that the boy suffered from bacterial meningitis.

Sources tell the East Texas he was a special education student at Central Elementary School. The boy was at school on Monday, but was not there Tuesday. School and health officials were told late Tuesday morning that the boy died at his home.

A test revealed the initial indications that he may have had meningitis. Sharon Shaw with the Angelina County Health Department says they immediately went to the Central School campus and began inoculating all students and staff members who came in contact with the student. Students at Central schools were not dismissed Tuesday afternoon until after health officials were certain they had given anti-biotic shots to everyone the student came in contact with.

Health officials say it will take 48 hours before they can get a final confirmation whether the boy did have bacterial meningitis. For now, officials with the Health Department and Central ISD want to assure parents that they have done everything necessary to make sure other students and staff members are safe. All classes at central will be on a regular schedule on Wednesday.