Adoption is finalized today for some Nacogdoches families

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Tonight at least two East Texas families are providing 'forever' homes for children whose adoption was finalized today in Nacogdoches.

The traditional private court proceeding was made public in recognition of National Adoption Awareness month.

The campaign focuses on the thousands of children in state care needing loving families to call their own.

Three charming girls and two handsome boys played a vital role in their adoption before judge Ed Klein.

But before that we learn why Pauletter and London Curl have no second thoughts about adopting their godsons, 8-year-old Charlie and 6-year-old C.J.

"Love makes you do it," said Pauletter.

And lots of love is needed. It's a family of seven now and second time around for the curls.

"I adopted these boys two years ago. So all my babies," Pauletter said.
Sheila Nathaniel is on her second go round after successfully raising her biological children.

"I have three daughters in college and I'm starting all over again with these three," she said.
Sheila calls the opportunity a grace of God.

"Been dealing with girls all my life anyways, so I just couldn't allow to see these babies go no where else, but I just couldn't."

"I'm happy today and I feel good about adoption," said 11-year-old Tyrea Harris, who was adopted today.
Understandably so, the sisters were close to being separated.
Sadly, it's a consideration while trying to find homes for the 6,000 children and teens in Texas waiting to be adopted.

"We have 146 children in foster care from Nacogdoches County today. I was just talking with another supervisor. There are about three more little children who are available to be adopted and we don't have a home for those kids," said Jenny Judson, Foster and Home Supervisor.

Support is vital to adoptive families. CASA court advocates provide it in the courtroom, Project 127, a ministry for foster children nurtures the faith.

"All these transitions in their lives will hit all at once and so we're hopefully gonna be there to help support them and encourage them through these next few years of adjustment," said Becky Weems, Project 127 Director.

There's no objection, children should be entitled to a family they can call their own.

Mass adoptions, match parties and other events are being held today around the country.

There is a particular need for families willing to adopt African -American children who are over represented in the foster system.

 Children are waiting at

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