East Texas Troops Shipped Out

With so many US troops in Iraq, the pentagon is turning to the National Guard to replenish the number of active troops here at home. This afternoon about 25 guardsmen boarded a bus at the Lufkin Armory. They'll join more than 200 other troops from east and southeast Texas at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

There they will be trained as military police. The goal is to fill MP vacancies at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and Fort Stewart, Georgia. Friends and family members bid the troops farewell this afternoon. And while they're thankful the troops aren't being sent overseas, they say it doesn't make letting go any easier.

"We're proud of them. We know that they are doing a duty and a service for their country and yet as a mother it tears at your heart because they will be gone for a long time," said mother Bonnie Robinson. "So it will be a year of your life that you won't be around them very much."

The local troops could be on active duty for up to 18 months.