A new way to walk off those Thanksgiving holiday pounds

the new Born Learning trail is a good for family exercise
the new Born Learning trail is a good for family exercise

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Expanding waistlines.

It's a concern as we approach the holiday season with all its tempting foods.
 In Nacogdoches, there are several  programs underway designed to help adults to children fight the battle of the bulge.

Thanksgiving is next week and if you don't count halloween, it's the beginning of holiday foods complete with holiday calories.

"Usually we gain about 5 to 10 pounds. Americans do each year during the holiday season," said Kinnie Douglas with the Healthy Nacogdoches Coalition.

There are ways to keep from falling into that statistical data.

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital is signing up staff for 'Maintain, no Gain', a ten week challenge aimed at keeping your current weight during the holiday.

"It takes 3,500 calories, extra, to gain a pound," Douglas said.

The key component to maintaining and losing weight is exercise.
The perfect place to start is on the city's well-established trail system, and it's about to get better.

"We'll be receiving the funds from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and it was a grant that we wrote to extend the trail 1.8 miles," said Douglas.

Already in place is the fit trail, a series of exercise stations at the soccer fields. Right across the road you'll find the 'Born Learning' trail.

The United Way project, in conjunction with SFA's Early Childhood Research Center, is designed to get parents and children moving.

"It's not a strenuous run, jump type trail. It's more of a learning kind of situation and again, a situation where you have to have direct contact with your child," said Gary Ashcraft, United Way director.

So grab a stone and play a game of hop scotch on the Born Learning trail. The less weight gained during the holidays provides a jumpstart to a healthier new year.

Other ideas to maintaining weight: The Pilgrim's Pride Turkey Trot is Thanksgiving morning inNnacogdoches.
    It's part of the 5K challenge. Complete the four remaining runs and you win a free T-shirt.  
healthynacogdoches.org gives you the information plus printable trail maps.

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