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In The Kitchen

In The Kitchen: Carrot & Raisin Salad

Carrot & Raisin Salad


2 lbs. Small Carrots (peeled & trimmed)
1 Cup Raisins
1 Cup Canned crushed pineapple (drained)
1 Cup mayonnaise
1/2 Cup powdered sugar

1.Shred carrots either with large hole grater (coarser) or small hole for (finer).
2.In large bowl , combine carrots, raisins, and pineapple.
3.Mix Mayonnaise and powdered sugar in small bowl until mixed well. Pour over carrots and toss lightly.
4. Cover and chill in refrigerator until cold.
Hint: Plump raisins in warm water for several hours if you like moist and tender raisins.

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