Shelby County Authorities Gather Evidence For Animal Cruelty Case

Story By Wade Cameron

It seems these days that feeding time is all the time for these horses. So excuse them if they don't pay much attention to County Attorney Gary Rholes and the other county authorities who have come to inspect them this morning. But while the horses may be concentrating on their hay, Rholes is paying close attention to their condition.

"I wouldn't call any case open and shut," said Rholes. "That's up to the jury to decide. But I think based on what I've seen the county will have a very strong case."

The condition of these horses was driven home by the site of two dead foal lying in the pasture with their mother standing close watch over them. And while their condition has improved, Sheriff James Moore says the horses still have a lot of room for improvement.

"They look a lot better than when we picked them up last week," said Moore. "But if more of these horses have their foal anytime soon, we're going to see more dead foal."

Charges are still pending for animal cruelty in the case but Judge Jim Towers says he will make a decision early next week on what charges, if any, will be filed.

"It's just very sad," said Towers. "You hate to see any animal but certainly animals of this quality and quantity in this sort of condition."