Nacogdoches residents ponder next move after gas leak

Regina Boyd, Property Manager
Regina Boyd, Property Manager

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Right now Eastwood Terrace tenants in Nacogdoches have no gas service. It's been off since Monday in the 100 unit public housing complex. The troubling possibility is the situation may not change for weeks.

The gas line is cut off for the tenant's own safety.

No stove to cook on. No hot running water. No gas heat to keep warm.

What Eastwood Terrace tenants may not understand is if gas service is restored under present conditions, an explosion could possibly occur.

A routine gas pressure test on Monday revealed a serious problem.

"That's a major leak. Could be one leak. Like I said, it could be numerous leaks," said Sonny McShane, plumber.

Inspectors say the Texas Railroad Commission standards require fifty pounds of pressure. Inspectors detected only 25 pounds. It's just too dangerous to leave the gas line open.

The only correspondence residents have received from management is a letter telling them that they will be notified as soon as they know when the gas will be turned on.

Plumbing inspectors recommend replacing the entire gas line., a  job like that can take weeks.

"And there are different HUD requirements as for as the number of bids, so we're trying to get through all of that and see if we can't be expedient as possible in getting everybody's gas back on," said Regina Boyd, Property Management Coordinator.

On this third day without gas, patience is running out.

"And it's not right, but they still want their rent," said resident Dianne Curl.

Gloria Moore is recovering from hip surgery and tiring of sponge baths.

"I don't have any hot water to bathe with," she said.

Parents find it difficult taking care of little children. Health care providers worry about the return of cooler weather.

"If it's cold, what is she supposed to do with no heat," said Felicia Young, Health Care Provider.

"When they're upset, I'm upset," said Boyd.

Management calls it a temporary inconvenience.

What everyone is wondering how long will that be.

KTRE placed calls to several members of the housing corporation that oversees eastwood terrace.      
Some were out of town, sick or unavailable.

It's been trying to sell Eastwood Terrace and one other housing project for years.

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