MLK Day Observed

On Martin Luther Ding day no matter where a march or a parade is held the purpose is the same. All who participate want to carry out the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior.

In the Pineywoods, parades were held in San Augustine, Center, Lufkin and Nacogdoches.

Of all the parades that are held throughout the year on the brick streets of Nacogdoches, Monday's parade was the most significant. Each step symbolizes the great strides forward in the civil rights movement believes NAACP President John Morrison. "His dream was his dream. Now we need to start our dream. We need to move forward, to carry on his work and remember his life," said Morrison.

As Dr. King's speeches were played over a loud speaker the words provided the marchers reminders of the bold step the civil rights leader was taking at the time.

W. R. Rhodes says while growing up he didn't totally realize the inequalities, but now at 85 he understands why it was wrong.

"School is one thing. We didn't have books like the other kids had. The books were a lot different. It wasn't upgraded as it should have been," said Rhodes.

The injustice that Rhodes faced are today lessons for a younger generation. Mollie Garrison, 13, doesn't want to see history repeated.

"Everybody should be treated fairly," said Rhodes.

"It was just wrong," added Callie Childress, 10 years-old.

People of all races should thank those who attempt to keep Martin Luther King's dream alive on the local level. Like everywhere, all civil rights battles have not been won. The dream is that someday they won't exist at all.