Federal Court Releases Proposed Interim Map for 2012 Texas House Election

Center, Texas – Rep. Wayne Christian, who is currently serving his seventh term as the representative for House District 9, announced today that the federal court in San Antonio released its Texas State House interim map for the 2012 election cycle. House District 9 will now almost certainly be composed of Cass, Marion, Harrison, Panola, Shelby, and Sabine counties for the next election cycle.

Rep. Christian will continue serving Nacogdoches, San Augustine, and Jasper counties through the end of his elected term in January 2013. "I have been deeply blessed by the people of Nacogdoches, San Augustine, and Jasper counties for allowing me the honor of serving them in the Texas House for the better part of the last fifteen years," said Rep. Christian upon receiving the court's announcement.

The court made many changes to the composition of the House map, but the lines of East Texas remained as they were drawn by the Legislature during session. "I am excited about the prospect of having the issue settled for the 2012 election and moving forward for East Texas," said Rep. Wayne Christian. "I have already attended numerous meetings and coffees in the new counties of House District 9, learning about the issues that are most important to East Texas families and businesses."

The map, if officially imposed, by the San Antonio court is only for the 2012 cycle.

The map passed by the Legislature will continue to be vetted by the D.C. Court and that trial will continue on well into the next year.

Depending upon the outcome of that trial, the Legislature's map will either be thrown out, accepted as a whole, or accepted in parts for future election cycles. "One of the major areas of concern for the future of East Texas, and really all of Texas, is the water shortage crisis we're struggling with during this historic drought," continued Rep. Christian. "I am privileged to be in the top third of seniority in the Texas House and it is my express goal to use that power and the relationships I've built with other rural representatives to fight for and protect East Texas' water in the future session.

Urban areas across the state are going to want access to our resources and it is going to take senior rural leadership to ensure that our families and communities are not sacrificed for the interests of those in big cities. We cannot afford to start over."

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