Beep baseball, a great way for visually impaired to come together through sports

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Any major league baseball player will admit that getting a hit requires great hand-eye coordination. For beep baseball players it's all about hand-ear coordination.

Beep baseball is a way for the visually impaired to enjoy America's past time, with a few twists. For SFA's beep baseball team president it's about more than winning, it's about just being able to play at all.

"It feels really good and I think it feels really good to give people who are visually impaired an athletic outlet which we usually don't have otherwise," said Higgins. "For me I like to be athletic and be competitive, so it allows me and outlet for fun."

The batters rely on the pitcher who is actually on their team and must tell them when to swing. After making contact it becomes a race to the base that is also beeping for guidance. If you get to the base before the fielders get to the ball you are safe and score a run!

"It's pretty exciting whenever one of your teammates scores a run or you get a really close out," said Blind Spot player Kayleigh Joiner. "It becomes exciting to have that suspense and action and adrenaline running through your blood."

It's clear that these students have formed a bond together like most athletes do with teammates, and without this innovative game it would not have been possible.

"To be out there and running and hitting something as hard as you can is just really fun," said Dulce Guirra. "We all have some competitiveness in us and its good to let it out sometimes."

You can check out beep baseball for yourself Saturday, November 19th when the SFA Blind Spots take on the Tyler Tigers at 1P.M. on the intramural fields.