Community food drive provides Thanksgiving dinner for thousands

Reverend Bettie Kennedy
Reverend Bettie Kennedy

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "I said to the little church where I pastured, bring enough food for one box, and they brought enough food for 2 boxes," said Reverend Bettie Kennedy. And, those stewards took those 2 boxes and carried them to families in the community, and that was the beginning."

That was the start of the community food drive Kennedy began with her church in Lufkin 29 years ago.

"If it wasn't for the Lord, we couldn't have done it. And, He has taken it the height that you see it today," said Kennedy.

Since then, the outreach has grown. This year, over 400 volunteers from local churches, companies, ministers, and across the community assemble to provide Thanksgiving dinner for nearly 2 thousand families.

"It has broken down racial barriers," said Kennedy. It's broken down prejudice. It's broken down any barrier that a community would have. Once we come together, as a community, and, that's what we are today."

Boxes are filled through community donations of cornbread mix, cans of peas, cornbread mix, soda, ham and more. Then, they're loaded into trucks for distribution.

"A lot of people out in the community in need, so it's a good opportunity for folks to see where they can make a donation and actually deliver it out to the doorstep and see the impact their money had," said St. Cyprian's Church volunteer, Bruce Love.

300 volunteers delivered the food early Saturday afternoon. Kennedy plans to continue expanding and hosting this event annually.

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