A Korean teacher cycling across the country stops in East Texas

Tungin Byun, teacher from Korea
Tungin Byun, teacher from Korea

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - It was a request like no other for the First Assembly of God. A 21-year old teacher from Korea cycled up to the church last Thursday, asking to spend the night in the front yard.

"He asked if he could put his tent up and stay the night to get some rest because he felt more safe staying at churches than he did just anywhere," said First Assembly of God member, Lesa Rodgers.

"They told him yes he can camp here. So then, I come up. It was cold. So I said  look just come on in the church. We weren't going to leave him there," said First Assembly of God pastor, Kenneth Reynolds.

Tungin Byun saved up money over the past year. Now, he's using it to cycle around the US, stopping at churches for rest along the way.

"It's a challenge. It's something he enjoys. He loves bicycling," said Rodgers.

He left his country October third, and he plans to continue cycling until he returns home in February. Byun says his trip wouldn't be a success without a little help.

"So many people help me. If they didn't help me, then I can't ride my bike," said bicyclist Tungin Byun.

For church members in Huntington, providing shelter and getting to know Byun is inspiring.     

"He has a good heart. You can just see it all over him, you know. He's got a good heart," said Reynolds.

"Very inspirational. It makes me want to get on my bike and start riding," said Rodgers.

Byun will get back on the road and head toward Miami Monday.

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