Despite lagging economy, Nacogdoches still in the giving spirit

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Across the nation Thanksgiving turkey donations have plummeted, but take Nacogdoches out of that mix. About 50 turkeys have been delivered to the Nacogdoches Ministerial Alliance. Home cooks from all denominations then cook enough turkey for about 900 meals. The generosity is as traditional as turkey and dressing.

"It's the members of each church that provide the ingredients that makes up this fantastic dinner," says Martha Lavitt, a volunteer.

Missions in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix , Detroit and Seattle have seen a major drop in turkey donations this year. There are different theories as to why.

"They're not asking. I've been there. I've seen it," says Marilyn McFarlind, a volunteer.

McFarlind may be right. Missions recent plea for help appears to be working. Perhaps asking is the best answer.

"People just want to be asked. I can go up to a stranger in the community and just ask," says McFarlind.

Another theory is the economy isn't as bad here as it is in some places, but what if it was.

"We're dealing with the Christian faith and they are givers and I think they would take away something from themselves and still give for someone else to be able to pull this off," says Deacon Gary Giese, the Community Thanksgiving founder from Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Just like at many homes, there are always leftovers. They too are shared.

The Nacogdoches Community Thanksgiving service and meal takes place at Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Appleby Sand Road. The service begins at six o'clock Monday night, followed by the meal.

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