Woman suspects lighter started fire in San Augustine Co.

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The house a San Augustine woman was staying in with three of her children burned down last night.

Although everyone made it out safe, there was no smoke detector in the home.

Today she's trying to find clothes for her kids and another home, with a smoke alarm.

"My grandma said something about my 4-year-old had climbed up on the shelf and got a lighter," Rashelle Polk said.

They're not exactly sure how the fire started, but her grandmother says Polk's youngest got ahold of a lighter.

Polk wasn't home, just three of her kids with her grandmother when the fire broke out at the San Augustine County trailer in the Roberts community off County Road 170.

"Everything is gone for them and where are we going to go?" Polk said. "We don't really have anywhere to go."

Everyone made it out OK.

But, there was no smoke detector in her house. That's something she says will change when they find another place to live.

For now, the focus is clothes and shoes for the two that have none.

"I'm not worried about me," Polk said. "I'm really concerned about my kids all their stuff is gone."

The room where her kids slept is destroyed, leaving the rest of the house open to the elements.

She's been staying with a neighbor.

"I thank the people that have been helping me and giving me somewhere to stay," Polk said. "I thank them a lot because if it weren't for them my kids wouldn't have had any clothes on them right now."

"I come from a Christian family and we believe in helping anything we can do because it's her day today, but it could be ours tomorrow," said Marcus Hafford, who's providing assistance to Polk.

Polk says she has been able to get some clothes for her kids, but is still hoping to find a place to live.

Anyone interested in helping Polk can contact her at 936-615-6069.

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