Eggies: "Does it Work?"

It's one of the most requested products we've ever had for a "Does it Work?" segment. Either you guys eat a lot of boiled eggs, or you just really hate peeling them when you do! You asked, he listened. This week, Joe Terrell puts the Eggies to the "Does it Work?" test.

Crack, cook and twist.  That's the claim on the box and in the commercials.  We open our Eggies box to find a bunch of plastic parts that are a throw back to boiling baby bottle parts.  Despite no mention on the box or in the commercial, per the instructions, I hand rub-not spray-cooking spray inside each Eggie. Each Eggie is made up of four plastic parts. With the little lid off, we carefully put the contents of one egg in each.

Doing this without making a mess takes skill. We screw the lids on tight as well as the ring around the center and begin boiling.  Boiling times are the same as boiling eggs the regular way.

Soon we notice some white stuff in the boiling water. Despite tightening the lids and rings and all the parts, we have egg white leakage.

Still we managed to get five out of six boiled eggs that looked close to what we had seen in the advertisements.

Still curious, we start all over again. Crack, boil...and that's when things get a little egg-citing. Two of the Eggies cracked within minutes.  And one of them was missing parts in the water.  They were not in the pot, because when we not looking, they popped open and out on to the floor!  We had witnesses who say there was a little "explosion" and the plastic popped out about 6 feet away.  Boiling water sprayed up as well.  We did it again and caught it on video. In our third batch, three of the six cracked open and one came apart with such force, the plastic parts shot out of the pot!

As you watch this, imagine you or your kids, eager to see how these things work, with your face, your eyes over the pot of boiling water.  Four of the eighteen Eggies we made blew up on us.

We wouldn't be surprised if this showed up on a safety recall list someday.  "Does it Work?"  We give the Eggies a no.

We paid $9.99 for Eggies at Bed, Bath and Beyond.