Exercise and portion control prevents holiday weight gain

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's safe to say, few people plan to pack on the pounds at Thanksgiving. The turkey and trimmings are a temptation, even for a determined mind. And that's where watching your waistline begins, having a plan.

"Enjoy the relationships, the family, the friends that you're eating with. Focus on them rather than the food," said personal trainer and fitness instructor, Beth Wilbanks.

Wilbanks says portion control is the key to avoiding any extra weight.

"Focus on portion size, we don't have to have a full plate of dressing we can have half a cup," said Wilbanks.

After losing 95 pounds, Wilbanks knows firsthand, you have to look at the big picture during the holidays.

"Every pound I gained during the holidays is 3,500 calories, and if I run a mile that's about 100 calories. So run 35 pounds to burn of that one pound not worth it," said Wilbanks.

Once your guests have come and gone, don't take a second look at your Thanksgiving feast.

"Send the leftovers out," Wilbanks said.

To really fight off that holiday weight gain, Wilbanks says working out is essential.

"You have to find time for what's important. Get your workouts in. You may skip Thanksgiving and maybe even Friday, but get right back with it," said Wilbanks.

With the right combination of exercise and self control, you could actually lose weight this Thanksgiving.

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