Godtel Ministries brings Thanksgiving blessings to those in need

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - On Thanksgiving, Godtel director June Gentry and his wife, Nancy encourage people to stop feeling sorry for themselves.

"When you learn to be thankful even at adversity, your attitude changes," preached Gentry during the Nacogdoches service, the first of three for that day. "Been many a times when I've been in pain and learned to thank god for that pain. The pain didn't necessarily go away, but my attitude towards it really changed a bunch."

The attitude adjustment is offered each day at Godtel missions, but particularly during the holidays. Blessings are everywhere.

"How can I help?," asks a volunteer the moment he steps through the doorway.

"I love it. Everyone is so nice and friendly and sweet," said Amanda Michele, a first time volunteer at Godtel.

"They've always been kind and loving, you know. And they've given up a lot of their time to be here," said Roy Martinez, Godtel's very grateful kitchen manager.

Gentry's biggest puzzlement during the holidays is when those in need refuse the generosity. " They don't want anything. They're sitting out there with a can of beans and we say, 'why don't you come get a good meal?', and they're just not interested. That amazes me," expressed Gentry.

'A Crumb From God' is the opening track on Gentry's newest gospel c-d. The words are Gentry's. Gentry sings how faith, "can change the way we look at things. The way we act. The way we love."

No doubt Gentry's years of spending the holidays with the poor helped create the humbling lyrics.

" Thirty five years, I've not had a Christmas or a thanksgiving day with my family. We've been to Godtel, but you now, this is my family, so it works out just fine," said Gentry as he and his wife prepared to leave from Nacogdoches for Lufkin. He will end his day in Livingston for an evening meal.

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