Thanksgiving dinner served in Lufkin park

There has been an outpouring of support for those less fortunate in East Texas during this Thanksgiving holiday.

In Lufkin, The Sons of Solomon Masonic Lodge provided Thanksgiving dinner to local resident at Brandon Community Park.  Organizers say the turnout was good.

"We planned this as a get together to bring the community together.  We've lost so many of the ones in the community that we are trying to get the community back together so people can feel safe and comfortable in the home," said Rev. R.V. Williams, Sons of Solomon Masonic Lodge member.

About 100 people took advantage of the Thanksgiving feast.  Organizers say they are just thankful to be able to help someone else.

"It's just heart warming to see the smile on people's faces.  I love to give back to the people kids family anybody to see people smile it's just a joy for me," said Walter Pride, Sons of Solomon member.

Organizers say this is the first of many events to bring the community together during the holidays.

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