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Nacogdoches promotes Small Business Saturday

Gerry Larabee, small business owner Gerry Larabee, small business owner
Cindy Grayson, employee Cindy Grayson, employee
Tim Bryant, small business owner Tim Bryant, small business owner

Today is Black Friday. Soon it will be Cyber Monday. Along the way small businesses were feeling left out. So last year Small Business Saturday was established.

There aren't too many big box stores with a personal canine greeter. You'll find one at heart of Texas in Downtown Nacogdoches. The Small Business Saturday supporter says it's about time shoppers recognize the unique small business shopping experience.

"I think more people are aware of trying to keep the small businesses in business," said business owner Gerry Larabee.

"I like to support small businesses because the big business came in and it really hurts the people that have really put a whole lot more effort into it than the big conglomerate that got way too much money anyway," said employee Cindy Grayson.

Local businesses create jobs, boost the economy and preserve neighborhoods around the country.

One reason why Tim Bryant, the owner of the Runaway Mule, seeks out small businesses everytime he's out shopping.

"It's the best way to learn about any community is go into the small mom and pop type stores," Bryant said. "There's less and less of them around, but that's where you find out what the real community is about."

Small Business Saturday is a national movement to drive shoppers to local merchants. American Express launched the idea. There are other movements too.

"The 350 Project is something that was started a couple of years ago and they encourage you to go to at least three local businesses and spend $50," Larabee said.

Small Business Saturday is not so much a push to make a buck. It's more of a celebration. The roots for many large corporations were mom-and-pop type stores. Clearly they are the foundation to retail business, no matter the size.

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