Paper work must be filed to run for office in Nacogdoches County

Linda Sisk, secretary for the Republican Party of Nacogdoches
Linda Sisk, secretary for the Republican Party of Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Legal fights over a state redistricting map that could lead to more minority representation continues.

State Attorney General Greg Abbott asked the Supreme Court today to stop a federal court from implementing the court-drawn map.

It will remain in place until all disputes are settled.

Meanwhile, the political race for the March primaries is officially underway.
Beginning today and through December 15th individuals must file paper work in order to run for office.

Linda Sisk isn't being picky with County Commissioner candidate Jerry Don Williamson. She's being thorough.

As secretary of the Nacogdoches County Republican Party, she keeps track of those wanting to run for the many open political offices.

"District judges, district attorney, county attorney, sheriff, tax accessory collector, our commissioners for precinct 1 and 3, all of our constables will be running this year," said Sisk.

For the most part, Republican incumbents are filing.
However, a trend across East Texas is long-time Democrats are crossing over to the Republican stronghold party.   

"I believe that they just felt that the Democratic Party has left them philosophically," said Sisk.

Democratic Party chair Roy Boldon strongly disagrees. He's expecting only one Democrat to file and he thinks he knows why.

"I think that they looked at the voter block and decided this was the best position is to go to another party. I don't think it's Democrat Party letting anyone down," Boldon said.

The Republican stronghold  may or may not  limit voter's choices.

"Everyone whose running on the Republican ticket isn't as conservative as Newt Gingrich. They may be more moderate like Mitt Romney," said Incumbent County Attorney candidate John Fleming.

No matter who is on the ballot, both party representatives agree on one thing. Residents should register to vote and then exercise that privilege.

Candidates have until December 15 to file for office. That's a shorter period than usual.
Delays caused by the Congressional redistricting has put the issuance of voter registration cards back by about a month.
     The primary election is March 6, 2012.

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