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Gift of Love: Justice and Shalay

It was a fun afternoon at the park with Justice and Shalay as we enjoyed the great weather and all the play ground equipment. We even had a little lesson in swinging!

9 year old Justice is a loving little girl with an ability to give great hugs. She has a bright smile and while she can be cautious with strangers she loves being with her family. Justice has the type of personality that can adapt to a variety of situations. She also loves school.

"You get to learn, you get to eat lunch and you get to go outside and play," Justice said.

Justice also loves to watch T.V.

"Scooby Doo and Looney Tunes," Justice said.

Justice says she would like to be Cinderella when she grows up or, " a cowgirl," Justice said.

Justice says she really just likes to wear her pink cowboy boots!

As for her Forever Family, "a nice family that doesn't be mean that doesn't treat me bad," Justice said.

Justice seems to struggle with communication and relating to others. She is in need of a stable, highly structured home and school to allow her to progress.

Sister Shalay is a happy little girl who loves positive attention. This precious little four year old is attentive and affectionate.

"She's a sweet little girl. At first, of course, warming up she's a little shy but after she warms up to you, she's a loving little girl," intensive adoption coordinator Ashley Gipson said.

Shalay has begun to show off more of her personality. She is able to command an audience when she wants to.

"She loves playing outside, she loves to slide, she loves to play with her baby dolls. she's learning to jump rope," Gipson said.

Shalay has also started to talk more, but is still working with E-C-I regarding her speech and occupational therapy. Shalay attends pre-K for half the day and daycare for the other half. She does very well in "school" and is learning valuable social skills.

A family for these sisters would need to be very patient and structured. Although Justice is older, she still needs a lot of one on one attention to help her through her emotional struggles and she deserves a family who will be able to focus not only on her younger sibling but also on her.

"It's important to keep the sibling group together because all they have is each other and I just think it's important for these two," Gipson said.

And even more importantly, a family that can show these two lovely little ladies the Gift of Love.

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