Comedy Troupe Brings Creativity To The Classroom

At first glance, their show looks like just another comedy show. But for the members of Kidprov, an improvisational comedy troupe, it's a time to teach.

"As far as problem solving, listening to others, creative thinking, and all those things are the underpinning...that's where it all happens," said comedian Brad Newton.

And it's been happening at shows across Texas and the country for more than 10 years. The troupe uses word games, acting and props to help students and teachers think fast and more creatively. It's a program the group says brings out the best of everyone involved.

"All of our talents are different and we just try to bring the best out in each other," said comedian Shawn Patrello. "Even though we have different skills we work together and that's what the message is for the kids too."

Parents and teachers say proof that Kidprov works is found in the kids themselves.

"You know they play off of other kids and all of the kids have had different ideas," said Destination Imagination coach Patress Schaffer. "So they're going to take those ideas back and come up with even more ideas."

The troupe says when they started they had a 10 year plan. Now that 10 years is up, they only have plans to grow. And they have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

"We're just trying to find ways to expand what we're already doing," said comedian Bob Barraza. "And it doesn't just have to be in the classroom although that is a great love of ours. We can do more performance type things now."