Early Primaries Could Effect Texas Voters

They're going door to door, shaking hands and working the phones. But with the Texas primary still more than a month away, is all of the campaigning by Democratic candidates in other states already having an effect on voters in East Texas?

"I don't think it will have an effect on anyone around here," said Royce Whitely. "To me it's just same old same old."

"Most people already know how they're going to vote they're just looking for the who," said Cleve Sheppard.

"Yes I think it will have a big effect because in Texas and especially here in Lufkin we've lost so many jobs," said Paula Tudor.

In recent weeks, Democratic candidates have used anything from harsh criticism of President Bush to more light-hearted attempts to win the voters. But some voters say they don't see enough in any of the candidates to make much of a difference in the November election.

"I just don't see anyone out there that can hang with Bush," said James Polk. "They're just not telling me I want to hear. And I'm a Democrat."

With so many candidates still in the hunt for the Democratic nomination, some East Texans say they want to wait and see how many candidates stay in the race before making any decisions. But some say the candidacy could be decided before Texans even have their say. But only time will tell.